Chambers urges floor vote on bipartisan bill addressing long-term care workforce shortage

With Washington facing a critical long-term care workforce shortage, Rep. Kelly Chambers is urging the majority to bring House Bill 2339 to the House floor for a vote this session.

The bipartisan proposal would ease home care aide and nursing assistant certification renewal requirements in an effort to ensure qualified individuals join and remain in the field.

Under the bill, the certification renewal period would be extended from one to two years, eliminating the burden of yearly renewal requirements and providing greater flexibility for caregivers.

Chambers, who works in the home care industry, says a shortage of caregivers is creating staffing challenges throughout the long-term care continuum, even impacting the ability of hospitals to discharge patients.

“Washington’s home care workforce shortage is leaving many seniors and individuals with disabilities struggling to access the care they need,” said Chambers, R-Puyallup. “A burdensome renewal process is contributing to the problem by discouraging qualified individuals from entering or remaining in the field. This bill offers a commonsense solution to alleviate the pressure on caregivers, attract new talent, and ensure our most vulnerable have access to the care they need when they need it.”

House Bill 2339 was approved in the House Postsecondary Education & Workforce Committee on January 26 and is eligible to be brought forward for a vote on the House floor at any time.

The 2024 legislative session began January 8 and is scheduled to adjourn March 7.


Washington State House Republican Communications