Rally against sex education bill draws hundreds to state Capitol steps

As a bill reaches Governor Jay Inslee’s desk that would mandate comprehensive sexual health education in all grades by the 2022-23 school year, hundreds of parents and others rallied Wednesday on the Capitol steps in opposition. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

 Radio Report Transcript

VETO CHANT: “The bill is on Jay Inslee’s desk right now. What do we want him to do? Veto! What do we want him to do? Veto! Veto! Veto! Veto!”

SATTGAST: The governor’s desk is the last stop before Senate Bill 5395 – the controversial sex ed bill – becomes law. Despite thousands of emails, phone calls, and letters from parents, students, teachers and other concerned citizens opposing the mandate, the bill passed the House and Senate along near party lines.

Vancouver Representative Vicki Kraft. . .

KRAFT: “Our senators stood strong opposing this. The House Republican members have stood strong opposing this bill for you – for your children – for your families.”

SATTGAST: Many believe the approved standards would be too much, too soon for younger children. This is Puyallup Representative Kelley Chambers. . .

CHAMBERS: “You have a right to parent your children and control the information that they’re exposed to.”

SATTGAST: Due to the coronavirus, the governor’s office announced Wednesday, there will be no further public bill signings this session, which means Inslee will likely act on the bill behind closed doors. That could happen within the next few days.

Yakima Representative Chris Corry. . .

CORRY: “It’s our job to parent our children, not the government!”

SATTGAST: Citizens can call the governor’s office and express their views. That number is (360) 902-4111.

John Sattgast, Olympia.


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