Following Puyallup murder, 25th District lawmakers call for special session to fix new police reform laws

Twenty-Fifth District lawmakers Sen. Chris Gildon and Reps. Kelly Chambers and Cyndy Jacobsen, all R-Puyallup, issued the following statement Thursday:

“Due to the Democrats’ new police reform laws, we continue to see a disturbing trend across the state where our men and women in law enforcement are unable to effectively carry out their duties. Here in Puyallup yesterday, police deputies were forced to abandon their search for a murder suspect out of concern that a pursuit resulting in the use of force would be considered unlawful. Throughout this year’s legislative session, Republicans warned there would be serious consequences as a result of these new laws going into effect. Unfortunately, our concerns were dismissed and law-abiding citizens now have to wonder if they’re going to be the next victim of a perpetrator who got away.

“With people’s lives at stake and criminals continuing to escape justice, it is imperative that we as a legislative body take immediate action to remedy these problems. We implore the governor to call a special session so the Legislature can address this issue and pass new reforms that will allow law enforcement to quickly and effectively stop criminals and keep Washingtonians safe. At the same time, we must also provide clarity to law enforcement so the law is uniformly understood and equitably applied statewide.”



Washington State House Republican Communications