Watch the testimony of a Tacoma mother who lost her daughter to the inability of police to pursue and stop a repeat criminal

I support the ability for law enforcement officers to pursue and stop criminals under reasonable suspicion. The laws passed in 2021 that required probable cause for law enforcement officers to engage in vehicular pursuit not only put our communities, businesses, families and neighborhoods in peril, it likely resulted in the loss of a 12-year-old girl, killed in a hit-and-run crash in January 2022 by someone who stole a commercial landscaping flatbed truck.

Immaculee Goldade was walking home after playing outside the school with a friend, Kathleen Olson, also 12, when the stolen truck struck the girls near Midland Elementary School. Kathleen Olson was severely injured, but survived. Sadly, Immaculee died at the scene.

Her mother, Amber Goldade of Tacoma, gave heartbreaking testimony on Jan. 31 in front of the House Community Safety, Justice and Reentry Committee, in favor or House Bill 1363, a bipartisan bill that would restore the ability of law enforcement to engage in vehicle pursuits of suspects. You can watch her testimony here.


Washington State House Republican Communications