“I stand for 12-year-old Immaculee Goldade,” says Rep. Kelly Chambers in support of Initiative 2113

Rep. Kelly Chambers, R-Puyallup, speaks in favor of Initiative 2113.


I am in support of this today because I stand for the rule of law. I stand for this today because I want to let our law enforcement community know that I support them and the work they do to keep our communities safe and to serve and protect the public. I also stand today in support of this to support constituents of mine that have been negatively impacted by this legislature that passed a bill to restrict law enforcement’s ability to conduct vehicle pursuit.

I stand for 12-year-old Immaculee Goldade, who was killed in Midland. Sunday morning, 10 a.m. walking home with her best friend from a sleepover. Mr. Speaker, law enforcement needs to be able to pursue criminals that are out there stealing vehicles that should be stopped, so that criminal activity doesn’t then go on to cause other irreparable harm to our communities. I also stand for my constituent, Nikki, that was here on Friday, who unfortunately has been the victim three times over of vehicle theft in the last year. Nikki has a little boy that is scared of what will happen because their vehicle has been stolen again.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that we need to give law enforcement the tools that they need to protect and serve our communities. to keep people safe. Acknowledging that, yes, vehicle pursuit is inherently dangerous. law enforcement is inherently dangerous. But I think the greater good is that law enforcement have the tools that they need to protect our community, to protect our constituents, and to protect little girls like Immaculee, so that they can live another year to have a slumber party and spend the night with their best friend. Please vote yes, Mr. Speaker.


Washington State House Republican Communications